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Dear Readers,

I have exciting news! I have a new series out! Diamond Beach is now available on Amazon in ebook, print, and the Kindle Unlimited subscription program.

I hope you enjoy this great new adventure.

Love and Light,

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Last Summer at the Beach House, book 1

All she wanted was one last summer at the beach house...

When the unthinkable happens and Claire Thompson’s husband dies suddenly, she’s left wondering how to go on. Being a wife and mother is all she’s ever known. Grieving and lost, she decides to take her family for one last trip to their beach house before she’s forced to put it up for sale. The house is filled with happy memories, and it seems like a great way to remember Bryan.

But as she soon finds out, Bryan was harboring some complicated secrets. The kind that will change the lives of Claire and her daughter. And those secrets come to light while Claire is at the beach house, shattering her memories and making her realize she never really knew her husband.

How does she move forward with these new revelations? How will her daughter cope? What will become of them now that they know Bryan wasn’t the man they thought he was?

Claire can only pray things work out for them during their last summer at the beach house.

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