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The Diamond Beach Series

Last Summer at the Beach House, book 1

All she wanted was one last summer at the beach house...

When the unthinkable happens and Claire Thompson’s husband dies suddenly, she’s left wondering how to go on. Being a wife and mother is all she’s ever known.

Grieving and lost, she decides to take her family for one last trip to their beach house before she’s forced to put it up for sale. The house is filled with happy memories, and it seems like a great way to remember Bryan.

But as she soon finds out, Bryan was harboring some complicated secrets. The kind that will change the lives of Claire and her daughter. And those secrets come to light while Claire is at the beach house, shattering her memories and making her realize she never really knew her husband.

How does she move forward with these new revelations? How will her daughter cope? What will become of them now that they know Bryan wasn’t the man they thought he was?

Claire can only pray things work out for them during their last summer at the beach house.

Shifting Sands at the Beach House, book 2

All she wanted was one last summer at the beach house...

Claire Thompson’s trip to the family beach house has gotten far more complicated than she’d ever expected. Grieving her late husband’s sudden death, Claire and her daughter, along with Claire’s sister and mom, are struggling to make sense of the mess he’s left them with.

How on earth did he have another family she never knew about? How did he keep that secret for so many years? Claire fights with her feelings as she tries to find a way forward. All she really knows is that her husband wasn’t the man she thought he was.

All she can hope for is that he’ll do the right thing in his will and leave Claire enough to live on. She already knows she’s going to have to sell the beach house. Will she have to sell her home, too? She hopes not.

But every day it feels like the sand is shifting beneath her feet and Claire is doing everything she can to stay upright. Will it be enough?​

New Day at the Beach House, book 3

All she wanted was one last summer at the beach house...

It’s a new day in Diamond Beach and things are looking good for all of the Thompson women, upstairs and down. In part because Bryan Thompson’s will has finally been read. It’s not quite what the families were expecting, but that seems to follow with everything else that’s happened. Ultimately, everyone’s happy with the outcome.

Claire Thompson’s made a new friend. Her next-door neighbor, Danny Rojas. He’s not only helped her come to terms with some of her feelings, he’s offered her an incredible opportunity. But can she afford to be part of it?

Roxie Thompson is struggling to find her place in this new reality. Helping her daughter, Trina, start a business is great, but Roxie wants more. Her mom, Willie, isn’t letting anything hold her back. Maybe Roxie should be more like her?

Regardless of some small obstacles, the future looks brighter than it ever did before. For all of them. But when a stranger shows up at the beach house with incredible news, will it change everything again? Or will they find the courage to keep moving forward?

Sunsets at the Beach House, book 4

All she wanted was one last summer at the beach house...

Captivated by the beautiful weather and gorgeous sunsets of Diamond Beach, Claire and Roxie have both made decisions concerning their old lives. They’re done with them. Life at the beach offers the brand-new start they’ve both been ready for.

For Claire, that means focusing on her new business venture with Danny, selling her old house, and officially making the beach house her home. She’s got work to do and she’s looking forward to it.

Roxie, however, has a new struggle to overcome. One created by her late husband and one she never anticipated. This sudden revelation has left her with all kinds of emotions and dealing with them isn’t easy. Thanks to some advice from a friend, she finds the courage to make peace with the past.

She’s not the only one in the beach house who’s made a decision, however. There’s a wedding on the immediate horizon. Can they get it planned in such a short amount of time?

Blue Skies at the Beach House, book 5

All she wanted was one last summer at the beach house...

It’s blue skies ahead as nearly everyone in the beach house is focused on the wedding that’s about to take place.
With her old house now up for sale, Claire has agreed to do something she’s never done before. Make the wedding cake. It’s a big challenge, maybe too big, but she wants to prove to herself that she can do it. She also wants to impress Danny.

Roxie has her hands full with all of the wedding details, along with helping daughter, Trina, with odds and ends at the soon-to-be-open salon. She’s glad to be busy but knows it’s a temporary thing. More than anything, she wants to be needed. She just has to figure out how to find the right place for herself.

The wedding is a beautiful, beachside event that brings everyone together, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s happy to be there. Is trouble on the horizon for someone in the beach house?

Wave Waves at the Beach House, book 6

All she wanted was one last summer at the beach house...

With the wedding behind them and life in Diamond Beach taking shape, everyone in the beach house seems to be doing just fine.

Claire’s busy with all the last-minute details that go into opening a new business, something that brings her and Danny even closer together. For the first time in a long time, she’s thinking about the future in a way she never has before.

Roxie isn’t quite sure of where she fits in just yet, but she’s confident she’ll find her place. It’s daughter Trina she’s worried about. She’s become the source of ire for another young woman in town and Roxie doesn’t like it one bit. She just doesn’t know how to help. Yet.

With new jobs, new opportunities, and new directions, the women of the Double Diamond beach house have come a long way since they first arrived. There’s nothing but blue skies and warm waves ahead for them.

Christmas at the Beach House, book 7

It's Christmastime in Diamond Beach!

With the holidays fast approaching, Claire, Roxie, and their families are all anticipating the big day. There are gifts to buy, parties to attend, trees to decorate, and festivities to prepare for. There is so much to do, so much to get ready for, and so many exciting events going on in their lives. Not to mention the new homes, new proposals, and new promises.

Catch up with the families and all the changes that have taken place in lives in the past months. Join the fun as they celebrate Christmas at the beach house!

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